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CMA aims to help firms with effective tax methodologies that will allow them to decrease risk and maximize profits. Our resources are qualified to assist our clients in all major aspects such as transfer pricing, cross-border taxation, indirect tax and taxes associated with mergers and acquisitions.

CMA is knowledgeable about the various tax regulations and controls; we are well equipped to deal with the various government-imposed constraints. We are also forward-thinking and always prepared to help clients deal with new challenges in the ever changing global landscape.

Multinational financial firms will need to make significant changes to their business processes and technology to be in compliance with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which takes effect in 2013. In order to begin preparation for FATCA, financial firms should start considering the following steps:

  • Current state assessment of systems and operations
  • Gap analysis against business requirements
  • Plan of action to implement changes required for FATCA compliance
  • Evaluate legal entities to determine if they are covered by FATCA

CMA has resources that are familiar with the tax laws as well as local jurisdictions, rules and regulations. In addition we can provide analysis and advice on your current state assessment of systems and operations as well as the gap analysis.

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