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Our resources cover all aspects of the regulatory reforms, OTC derivatives market and the impact of using a central counter party (CCP). Our resources consider the benefits and business opportunities associated with OTC clearing, as well as the implications of the reforms on IT systems, risk management and regulatory compliance.

All financial institutions recognize that they must have some form of OTC clearing and collateral management solution in place by the end of 2012. Some financial institutions find themselves without a clear executable plan to deliver this important service, even though the budget for this may have already been approved. The immediate challenge is therefore to get a robust solution into production.

Our Solution

CMA has highly experienced collateral and clearing resources, who can rapidly create customized plans within reasonable timeframes. The team is comprised of business experts in OTC derivatives, clearing and collateral management; supported by highly experienced business analysts, change control, testers and integration experts. They are familiar with all the major collateral and clearing solutions, guiding the selection if decisions have to be made.

An executable plan can cover any or all of the following:

  • Business change
  • Technology implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Data migration
  • Testing Implementation into production

Financial institutions who engage us to establish their executable plan can be sure of having an agreed plan of action for 2012 that will enable the creation of their required client clearing service in time for the regulatory deadline.

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