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CMA has a rich set of tool kits, templates, select best practices and other project accelerators in order to expedite and deliver projects faster, with greater quality,and at a lower cost.

Our custom tool kits are focused on specific business domains, service offerings, solution areas and project phase components such as:

  • Project mobilization/kickoff
  • Planning
  • Facilitates the Entire Program LifeCycle
  • Program Management/Project Management/PMO
  • Facilitates planning, implementation and follow-through
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Ensures a Centrally Controlled Process
  • Vendor/RFP evaluation due diligence process
  • Testing (Test strategy/plan/scripts/use cases/utilities/simulators/analysis/reporting)
  • Implementation/Conversion
  • Legacy Transformation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Business Case
  • Manage Risk

Other project accelerators from CMA include:

  • Detailed front to back requirements across wide range of business domains (such as operations, finance and risk) and asset classes
  • Business/technical/functional/data reference architecture (business component models, business services models, functional models including multi-level structures, diagrams, nomenclature and definitions)

A Four Phased Approach

  • Phase 1: Pre-Deal, Due-Diligence & Mobilization – Focuses on pre-deal, due diligence and mobilization activities.Mobilization of PMO, due diligence and reverse due diligence, transaction structure, negotiations, candidate analysis, strategic and financial analysis, integration team, framework, staff retention/redundancy and development of integration blueprint.
  • Phase 2: Project Planning and Integration – Focuses on mobilizing the team, program principles, planning, PMO, gathering of legal, regulatory and compliance requirements, development of key milestones, master and detail plans and the synergy business cases around the project.
  • Phase 3: Program Focus and Business Integration – Planning and execution of business, operations & IT work streams, operational readiness, and systems conversions to deliver key synergy benefits.
  • Phase 4: On-going Realization (Post-Close) – Conversion activities, blueprint reviewed and updated, review of synergies for optimization, execution of additional synergies projects, system retirement and post-integration assessment.

Cross Program Tools

  • Straw-man plans and deliverable templates
  • Program management methodologies across all business lines
  • Best practices framework


Industry & Process Focused Tools

Industry Specific Workstreams ensure key activities are covered:

  1. Development of specific synergies worksheet
  2. Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance checklist
  3. Operations and IT integration straw-man work plans geared to industry and applications
  4. Industry ratios, benchmarking and synergy rationalization
  5. Team Room web collaboration tools
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