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  • For a major global US bank, subject matter advisor for Basel II counter party credit, master agreements, close out netting sets, collateral margin agreements, hedging and credit risk mitigation including credit default swaps.
  • For a major global universal bank, designed and directed the development of a market and counter party risk data warehouse to be extracted via SQL, used as the prototype for Basel II reporting.
  • For a global investment bank, performed a margin and collateral optimization review for over 30 margin centers worldwide and made recommendations for more efficient capital and operational procedures and controls.
  • For a major global investment bank, led an effort to develop and implement a new client valuation and collateral exposure system.
  • For a major global bank, completed the analysis and assessment of automating the collateral management process for deals within wealth management, which was being done manually on excel spreadsheets.
  • Involved with US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the evaluation of the activities, tasks and efforts related to Central Audit Trail and CFTC evaluation of central learning mandates of the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • For a major global bank and broker-dealer, responsible for building and managing a globally consistent OTC Clearing Business that would not only be Dodd-Frank and EMIR compliant, but would also take a lead position in market place thereby establishing the firm as a premier provider as well as a “thought-leader” in the new and evolving space. Managed the OTC Clearing business units and staff in the US, UK and Asia. Defined, built and maintained a 24-hour global service model for clients trading outside of their regions of trade designation. Maintained a globally consistent systemic, processing, and client support model.
  • For a major global investment bank, implemented the DTCC Domestic and International Institutional ID Systems, Overnight Comparison for OTC Equities (NASD ACT), and automated P&S System or Listed Securities.
  • For a major global broker-dealer, added daily lending volume of $500M by developing and implementing an automated borrowing and lending system that responded to customer requests within five minutes.
  • For an international trading firm, led team to replace legacy market data systems (world-wide) with web-based thin-client infrastructure; selected vendors, negotiated contracts, and managed team. Participated in all stages of the project implementation lifecycle form requirements, system selection, implementation planning, design, development of enhancements and interfaces.
  • For a major oil company, implemented forward curve models for natural gas and power as well as automated software system, which processed all of the company’s natural gas and power curves on a daily basis.
  • For a major international/investment bank proposed and implemented proper curve-building and valuations methods for a development stage derivatives trading system to replace legacy systems used by OTC derivatives desk.
  • For a major global investment bank, restructured the U.S. derivative operations area leading to increases in efficiency, productivity and control while reducing the redundant headcount by 40%.
  • For a major global bank and broker-dealer, responsible for defining and implementing, in a phased approach, a multi-asset Clearing Platform that encompassed cleared OTC swaps, Intermediated and Bilateral OTC Swaps, Cleared Futures. FX Give-Up, FX Cleared, Trading Limits, CCP Specific Margin Calculations, Independent Trade Valuation Reporting, OTC Swap Trade Specific Reporting and Billing.
  • For a major bank, led the analysis of operations, existing platforms, workflow, connectivity and cross-product capabilities for implementing OTC Derivatives services for UK market participants and US. Developed the operating model and logical process flows for real-time processing of a range of OTC derivatives (rates, credit, equities), exchange traded and cash securities. Identified platform components, interfaces, data requirements for daily client trade capture, confirmations, allocations, reconciliation, valuation, settlement and accounting entries including feeds to portfolio accounting platform systems in scope.
  • For a leading industry vendor of securities leading software, increased annual revenue by $2M by leading the Agency Lending Disclosure of Principal SEC/NYSE Regulatory initiative; created the only available software solution industry-wide, which secured sales from over 50 firms.
  • For a major global investment bank, ensured compliance with SEC Reg M Rule 105. This involved working with the broker-dealer syndicated desk to determine if there were any ‘buys’ to cover a short sale with the secondary offering within 5 days prior to the offering.
  • For an international brokerage firm, implemented Order Transaction System (OTS), which was mandated by the NYSE. Responsible for the analysis, data mapping, BRD, FRD, technical specifications, test cases and participation in UAT. As a result, the firm received certification by NYSE.
  • For a major global investment bank, provided leadership in developing risk-based methodology for margining municipal and credit derivative products – significantly increasing the firm’s market share.
  • For a major international investment bank, formulated a risk tool consolidating whole loans, associated funding and derivative hedges for district banks of the FHLB System – signed 8 of 12 banks, increasing derivative business.
  • For a major global investment bank, completed the analysis of migrating two legacy credit engine systems into a new global risk system that was being developed in-house. Analysis included the data feeds, data analysis/mapping, process flows and all generated reports.
  • For a major international investment bank, developed daily risk and P&L attribution system which allowed the trading desk, the finance department and risk management to understand and agree the sources and validity of trading income – analytic routines became part of Summit Systems.
  • For an international brokerage firm, expanded the Order Audit Trail System (OATS) regulatory feed and rules from Nasdaq securities to include all NMS stocks as mandated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Responsible for the complete end-to-end project lifecycle. The expansion and enhancements of the OATS Rules increased the firms volumes submitted to FINRA by 10-fold with no issues, while increasing the firm’s reporting quality and report card rankings.
  • For an international brokerage firm, managed the development and implementation of a configurable TRACE Trade Reportingregulatory engine that captures and provides configurable rules for dissemination of all eligible securities. Collaborated with Business, Compliance, Legal, Operations, PMO’s, QA, Architects, DBA’S, and Infrastructure. Used agile development techniques and produced a suite of multi-platform agnostic functions with the forward looking vision to support FINRA’S future strategic platform (CATS) which improved the accuracy of the firm’s trade and transaction reporting, operational efficiency, and reduced costs by reducing back office corrections and exposure with regulators.
  • For an international brokerage firm, spearheaded design and managed the development, enhancements, and conversion for the Options Symbology Initiative (“OSI”)of all Trading and middle-office applications. This was a comprehensive firm-wide, multi-faceted, industry-wide project that replaced the 5-character OPRA codes and fractional strike price values with a 21 characters Symbology Key on all software components files and transmissions.  Participated in all industry phases and collaborated with Broker-Dealers, Marketplaces, and other participating institutions, Clearing Corporations, other industry, and vendors who support the options markets with market data, trade order management systems, and back-office processing.
  • For an international brokerage firm, implemented the mandatory Large Option Position Report (“LOPR”)to maintain compliance with FINRA Rule 2360. Created LOPR and In Concert group submissions to OCC in FIXML for each account that had an aggregate position of 200 or more options.  Created capability to receive rejected In Concert data, rejected LOPR submissions with ability for clients to update and re-submit to OCC.
  • For an international brokerage firm, implemented the mandatory Large Trader reporting enhancements to maintain compliance with Rule 13h–1. Analyzed, and implemented all necessary enhancements to identify all large traders with an identification number the client database and all related executions. ‘‘large trader’’ is anyone whose transactions equal or exceed 2 million shares or $20 million during any calendar day, or 20 million shares or $200 million during any calendar month. In addition, a process was created to provide the information on request through the Electronic Blue Sheets systems currently used for reporting trade information.
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