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CMA’s Enterprise Data Services Practice centers mainly on our expertise in managing reference data (client & product), corporate actions data, market data, and research data.

With poor quality data potentially costing firms up to 20% of their revenues, focusing on enterprise data management can dramatically improve the success of those firms. In the current climate, the need for measuring the risk of bad data has become ever more pressing. A recent estimate of the cost of the enterprise data problem was between $238 million and $1.2 billion per firm. Furthermore, due to various regulations in the financial services industry, there has been a shift in focus for many firms to risk and compliance, and increased transparency. The quality and availability of data within a firm is directly related to that firm’s ability to accomplish these initiatives. The main challenge now is to view information as a shareable commodity to be managed and maintained with the same care and attention given to other enterprise assets such as capital, people or real estate.

With deep domain and process expertise in the enterprise data area, CMA’s services directly impact the way processes and workflows are organized in a typical financial services firm. This helps ensure that the data used for business processing and regulatory oversight is of high quality, accessible, and easy to integrate into downstream system. It also ensures the data is comparable across multiple sources without the necessity of additional transformation or the need for manual reconciliation.

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