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CMA’s practice in Prime Brokerage leverages our experienced resources to deliver the best solutions for Broker-Dealers, Prime Brokers, Global Banks, Global Custodians, Asset Fund Managers, Hedge Funds and Pension Funds. The pressure on Prime Brokerage has intensified over the years and shows no signs of diminishing. Strategic decisions together with business and technology solutions cannot be made without considering Securities Finance, Risk Management and Compliance. There are many issues to consider, but some common questions are faced by all.

For example:

  • Meeting the challenge of increasing regulatory pressures and controls?
  • Plan for fluctuations in liquidity?
  • Protect and segregate assets for regulatory reporting and risk management purposes?
  • Anticipate the needs of mobile clients?

CMA understands the above challenges you might face. We have extensive experience in Prime Services and our approach recognizes the dependencies that exist between Prime Services and Securities Finance.

CMA can help you:

  • Re-tool business process and architecture to meet legislative requirements and business goals.
  • Quantify and assess technical solutions to align with tactical needs and strategic objectives.
  • Prepare technology investments and programs of work to build viable solutions.
  • Design, build and manage a systems architecture that generates sustainable business benefits.

CMA has expertise in Prime Brokerage and associated domains. We can offer you practical advice and help you build a business architecture that gives you a sustainable competitive edge.

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