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Turning Change Into Opportunity


The Wealth Management and Private Banking have been severely affected by the current turmoil in financial markets. Margins are under pressure due to depressed asset prices that reflect poorly on portfolio performance measurement. Clients are shifting money to safer but lower profit products like fixed income. Bankruptcies and liquidation of assets to cover other positions have reduced assets under management (AUM). Client attrition rates are high and the clients that remain are demanding more services and transparency at lesser fees. Financial scandals have resulted in a systemic loss of trust in the industry. To regain their position of pre-eminence, wealth management firms must increase transparency. They need to empower their advisors and relationship managers with systems and applications that can provide on-demand asset views, trigger-based communication to clients in crisis situations, client suitability assessments for products, and monitoring tools for asset allocation and risk management. With our experienced resources in asset and wealth management working in some of the largest private banks in the world, CMA is uniquely positioned as a partner of choice in tackling many of the above challenges.

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