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  • The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, in Europe and distributed ledger technology are on a collision course. In its mission to secure individuals’ data, GDPR’s principles around data ownership, control and protection seemingly are in fundamental conflict with the ideals of blockchain’s distributed network, says George Bollenbacher, partner, Capital Markets Advisors. Speaking with TABB… Read More »

  • With all the regulatory upheaval in the recent past, present, and near future, the last thing the markets need is another fundamental change in the rules of the game, but that’s exactly what we have in the projected retirement of some (but not all) of the various interbank offered rates (IBORs) by the end of… Read More »

  • Even the rollbacks of unpopular rules can have unintended consequences, particularly as they bump up against other rules in the process of being formulated. Such is the case between the proposed revisions to the Volcker Rule and the often-delayed Fundamental Review of the Trading Book. George Bollenbacher examines the implications. Click here for the full… Read More »

  • The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe raises some critical questions about Distributed Ledger Technology. At the top of the list: Does GDPR really apply to DLT, and is it even enforceable?   Click here for the full article:

  • A case making its way through the Second District Court of New York may turn the CDS market, and its participants, on their respective ears. The function, and the form, of the CDS going forward are likely to change as a result.

  • What has become clear is that almost nothing is clear about how fees and rebates impact both execution decision-making and execution quality, so the SEC’s social experiment is a worthwhile effort. We just need to make sure that it yields the most reliable results possible. In that regard, we should understand the many risks and… Read More »

CMA is a results-oriented professional boutique-consulting firm with a specialized focus in capital markets. Our resources are highly experienced, averaging over 10 years of experience in financial services working at the major financial institutions. CMA resources bring a broad set of tools and market knowledge to firms and situations that need to be addressed with confidence in execution as well as expeditious delivery.



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Clients First – At CMA, Clients First means delivering results, keeping our clients’ best interests to heart, and delivering on our promises. We strive to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and as such provide a high-impact, collaborative approach. CMA brings the best of our team to every engagement to ensure our clients’ visions are achieved.


Proven Industry Experience – Our team is comprised of senior-level financial services professionals and process experts. Our objective is to address each client’s challenges, provide comprehensive advisory services and strive to deliver results. All of our professionals have significant experience in strategy, transactions, implementation, business, technology and operations.


Collaborative Work Approach – CMA works collaboratively with our clients, our clients’ vendors, and our clients’ partners. We work in close coordination at all levels of the organization and strive to ensure that our expertise and knowledge are transferred for ongoing use.




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