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CMA Announces
Volcker Rule

Custom One Day In-House Seminars

As its final effective date gets closer, it’s imperative that all members of your firm that are touched by the Volcker Rule, understand the implications of adherence as well as the various ways in which the day-to-day process is effected. Compliance to the

Volcker Rule will impact trading, compliance, operations, middle office, regulatory, on-boarding, and surveillance staff at Banks, market-making, and sell-side firms.

To better prepare our clients for one of the biggest regulatory changes of our time, CMA is proud to now offer custom one day Volcker Rule Seminars for you and your firm. Leveraging our industry leading market knowledge and subject matter expertise, Capital Markets Advisors will develop a specific program to fit your firm’s needs and conduct it on your premises.

These seminars will be led by the head of the CMA Regulatory Practice, George Bollenbacher. George has a robust resume in both trading and reg. reform and is a frequent contributor to TABB Forum; with one of his Volcker articles being acclaimed as “one of TABB Forums most notable articles of the 2014” – George’s TABB Profile

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CMA one of TABB Forum 2014 TOP STORIES:

Reporting and Recordkeeping Under the Volcker Rule

Also, please join us in congratulating CMA’s George Bollenbacher on the inclusion of his article regarding the Volcker Rule as one of TABB Forum’s most notable articles of 2014

Originally published on December 16th, 2013, this article continues to serve as an informative cornerstone of information to anyone interested in complying with the Volcker Rule.

“The Volcker Rule’s reporting and recordkeeping requirement begins June 30, 2014, for banks with more than $50 billion in trading assets. George Bollenbacher looks at the nine metrics for which banks will need to track and store data to determine the market-making exemption” – read in full at: TABB Forum notables
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