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Our News page provides you access to company press releases, CMA professionals in the news, industry recognition and the CMA company brochure. It also provides access to our thought leaders who regularly contribute articles, blogs, quotes and viewpoints on matters affecting the financial industry. In addition, our News tells you when we’re speaking at industry events. From September 9-11, CMA Partner Michael Hartig spoke at the International Securities Association for Institutional Trade Communication (“ISITC”) conference in Washington, DC presenting about “Preparing for New Regulation”. On October 3 in New York, he spoke about FATCA compliance applied to Corporate Actions at the FTF Conference on Corporate Actions Processing. On October 19, CMA Partner Mike Zimits led a panel on, and spoke about Collateral Management & Risk Management of non CCP-cleared trades at the SCI’s 3rd Annual OTC Derivatives Seminar produced by Structured Credit Investor with co-sponsors CME Group, Bingham McCutchen LLP and InterContinental Exchange “ICE”.


17 Jun 2014 Procyclicality may not be a word that’s often used in polite conversation – but it is a bad thing. It is a term used by the Bank of England in its review of clearing houses, published in May, and it refers to the tendency of players in a stressed market to behave in ways that make the stress worse. However, the Bank’s proposal to reduce procyclicality within… Read More »

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Author: Fiona Maxwell Source: Risk magazine | 01 Jul 2014 The DTCC is taking nearly a month to match inter-repository trades, and corporates are concerned that they will shoulder the blame The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is taking nearly a month to match derivatives trade reports sent to different trade repositories – a situation that is worrying corporates, who are concerned about possible regulatory sanctions. Since February 12,… Read More »

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June 18th, 2014: Global derivatives regulation is a disaster, suggests George Bollenbacher, associate partner, Capital Markets Advisors, because the G-20 left it to each country to govern its own path to reform. And regulators dropped the ball from the start with reporting, which should have played a major role in delivering global transparency to the opaque market. Bollenbacher and TABB Group analyst Colby Jenkins examine the disparate reporting requirements in… Read More »

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Michael Zimits on Systematically Important Financial Institutions (SIFI) April 24, 2012: “The FSOC will ask for how non-exchange traded securities are valued, which includes the pricing models and inputs as well as an audit trail proving the source of the data. Knowing that the data is accurate will also go a long way to proving that any risk metrics you have offered are valid before you come up with the… Read More »

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