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Participants in the world’s financial markets are facing a period of unprecedented challenges, affecting not only the markets for financial instruments but even more the markets for financial services. These challenges, while often appearing unconnected, are actually evidence of a complicated process of evolution in the markets. Capital Markets Advisors Partner George Bollenbacher’s guide to “Understanding Market Evolution: A Scientific Approach” is devoted to understanding market evolution and covers the following topics:

  • How scientists study natural evolution
  • How to apply the scientific method to market evolution
  • Examining both long term and short term evolutionary forces in the markets
  • The evolution of asset management
  • The evolution of investment research
  • The evolution of clearing
  • The evolution of market-making
  • Dealing with market evolution
  • Methodologies for success

Read here: Market Evolution Series by George Bollenbacher, Partner, Capital Markets Advisors



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