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The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, in Europe and distributed ledger technology are on a collision course. In its mission to secure individuals’ data, GDPR’s principles around data ownership, control and protection seemingly are in fundamental conflict with the ideals of blockchain’s distributed network, says George Bollenbacher, partner, Capital Markets Advisors. Speaking with TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb, Bollenbacher explains the complexities of regulating data on… Read More »

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With all the regulatory upheaval in the recent past, present, and near future, the last thing the markets need is another fundamental change in the rules of the game, but that’s exactly what we have in the projected retirement of some (but not all) of the various interbank offered rates (IBORs) by the end of 2021. While not a change in the regulations per se, this change may actually have… Read More »

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Participants in the world’s financial markets are facing a period of unprecedented challenges, affecting not only the markets for financial instruments but even more the markets for financial services. These challenges, while often appearing unconnected, are actually evidence of a complicated process of evolution in the markets. Capital Markets Advisors Partner George Bollenbacher’s guide to “Understanding Market Evolution: A Scientific Approach” is devoted to understanding market evolution and covers the following… Read More »

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Among the regulatory requirements that have crept up to bite us,  none appear to be more troublesome than the reporting of complex trades. With global regulators attacking the issue independently, disparate requirements are complicated and often unclear. CMAs George Bollenbacher breaks down just how complicated reporting obligations can be.   Check out the full article on TabbForum here:

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Having trouble following and understanding all of the new market regulations coming out of Europe? Looking for a guide to MiFID? MiFID II? MAR? MAD? Download and read through CMA’s new EU Regulations Series in which George Bollenbacher explores various EU market regulations and their effects.

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What happens if and when one of the large CCPs runs into a major default by one or more of its members? George Bollenbacher, CMA’s Head of Regulatory Reform, takes a deep dive into the risks and regulatory requirements.

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Understanding market evolution is critical for all market participants’ survival. But only if firms become accustomed to an ongoing evolutionary effort will they start to see the real benefits. Check out the final article in the exciting “Market Evolution” series where CMA’s George Bollenbacher lays out guiding principles to help firms respond to market evolution.

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Excellent video interview from TabbFORUM with CMA partner, Mike Zimits, on the future of Blockchain in the industry and how firms can utilize this technology to get the most out of their investments

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Dramatic changes in the markets for financial instruments and for services related to those instruments – such as market-making, clearing and settlement, and asset management – are part of an evolutionary process. Adaptability is as much a key to survival on Wall Street as it is in the natural world. But which adaptations have the best chance of success? CMA’s George Bollenbacher explores the lessons we can learn from scientific… Read More »

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The new Market Abuse Regulation in Europe includes enhancements that strengthen rules against insider trading and market manipulation, and add provisions to prevent and detect them. While most firms should be well on their way to having systems ready for compliance, firms need to take note of these six major changes in the regulation. We are almost under starter’s orders for compliance with the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), which… Read More »

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