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Client Situation:

  • Global Investment Bank was interested in migrating the handling of its cash securities products from a legacy risk management system to a new broader cash securities data store. CMA resources were hired as the overall PMO for the development of the data store, as well as specifically to perform a current state analysis for the legacy system, managed by the derivatives IT team.


  • Worked with client to understand the current usage of the legacy database and the breadth of products it covers.
  • Performed interviews with business and technical resources for all systems feeding information to and drawing information out of the legacy database.
  • Based on interview, developed a detailed systems descriptions document on all up and downstream systems and the functions for which each system uses the legacy database.
  • Reviewed underlying data tales and fields and prepared a detailed data dictionary for all position and transaction tables for equities, futures, options, bonds, payments and FX products.
  • Developed process maps for all systems and the underlying data transformation performed by each system.

Key Benefits:

  • Developed detailed documentation on the legacy system, which never existed before.
  • Client obtained a full detailed description of all systems, which feed information to or extract information from the legacy database.
  • Detailed data dictionary will be used by client in the design and build of the future state data store to ensure it handles all current functionality.
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