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Jonathan Greenman is a Senior Advisor to Capital Markets Advisors, specializing in risk management, business strategy, and financial reporting technology for banks. Jonathan began his career with Oliver Wyman & Company’s finance and risk practice, leading projects oneconomic and regulatory capital attribution, credit risk rating models, risk-adjusted returns analysis, business process design, and strategic advisory. From there, Jonathan joined Citi and was promoted to Managing Director as Head of Risk Strategy for the Institutional Clients Group. During his time at Citi, Jonathan led initiatives to develop stress testing, economic capital reporting, loan loss reserving methodologies, Basel II / III, and strategic projects focused on corporate derivatives and client profitability.

Jonathan has also worked as a Managing Director at AIG in Enterprise Risk Management with responsibilities for Head of Strategic Risk Analysis and Reporting, Head of Risk Governance, and Head of Strategic Communications and Finance.   In addition, Jonathan has worked as a consultant with Morgan Stanley, Randstad, and Risk Advisors.  Most recently, Jonathan has led training and advisory project work on Basel and market risk for a Cairo, Egypt based bank.

Jonathan graduated from Harvard with a magna cum laude degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Physics.



Edward Smith is a Senior Advisor to Capital Markets Advisors, specializing in regulatory compliance, risk management, risk governance, and model risk management. Prior to joining the firm, Edward held executive positions at Santander Holdings USA, leading the company’s Enterprise Risk Management, model analytics, risk governance, and risk data architecture functions, and at State Street Corporation, as director of the company’s Basel Capital Program for regulatory compliance and as head of model risk management.

In addition, Edward has over fifteen years’ experience as a consultant to the banking industry, including as a Partner at Oliver Wyman in the firm’s Finance & Risk Management practice. He has advised a wide range of financial services institutions across the full spectrum of risk management issues, including credit, market, ALM, liquidity, operational, insurance and compliance risks. In particular, Edward has extensive experience assisting banks develop stress testing frameworks, risk management processes and governance structures, and the data management architecture supporting these initiatives.

Edward graduated cum laude from Harvard University with an A.B. degree in Physics.

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